Friday, April 22, 2011

List of Pepsi Flavors

Well who would have guessed? Apparently there have been more Pepsi flavors out there than Coke flavors. Check out this list:


Pepsi Light (Diet Pepsi)

Pepsi Max

Diet Pepsi Max

Pepsi Max Cool Lemon

Pepsi Max Chill

Pepsi Max Cino

Pepsi Max Energy

Pepsi Max Gold

Pepsi Max Twist

Pepsi Max Cease Fire

Pepsi Max Punch

Pepsi Nex

Pepsi Nex Zero

Pepsi Free
Diet Pepsi Free (a.k.a. Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi) 

Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi (Citrus taste)

 Diet Crystal Pepsi
Pepsi AM

Pepsi Azuki

Pepsi Boom

Pepsi Cappuccino

Pepsi Strawberry Burst

Pepsi Raging Razzberry

Pepsi Tropical Chill

Pepsi Fresh

Pepsi Blue

Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Pepsi Carnival

Pepsi Gold
Pepsi Ice & Pepsi Fire

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

Pepsi Kona

Pepsi Green
Pepsi Holiday Spice

Pepsi Twist

 Pepsi Twist Mojito
Pepsi Twist√£o
Pepsi Lime
Diet Pepsi Lime

Pepsi Light a la Lima

Pepsi Mojito
Pepsi Light Mojito

Pepsi Twist 3

Pepsi Max Mojito
Pepsi Max Mojo

Pepsi Red
Pepsi Samba

Pepsi Shiso

Pepsi Strong Shot
Pepsi Baobab

Pepsi Edge

Diet Pepsi Jazz [Strawberries & Cream]
Diet Pepsi Jazz [Caramel Cream]

Diet Pepsi Jazz [Caramel Cream]
Pepsi Summer Chill

Pepsi Summer Mix

Pepsi Throwback
 Pepsi Vanilla

Diet Pepsi Vanilla

Pepsi Ice Cream

Pepsi White
Pepsi Wild Cherry

Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry

Pepsi X Energy Cola

Pepsi XL

Pepsi Cherry Vanilla

Diet Pepsi Cherry Vanilla

Pepsi One
Pepsi Raw
Pepsi Natural

Pepsi Kick

Pepsi Mont Blanc

Pepsi Special


Do you know of any I'm not including? Let me know!