Friday, February 19, 2010

List of Coca-Cola Flavors

So just how many Coca-Cola flavors are there? I have always found this interesting, specially when I got to the US and saw so many Coca-Cola flavors that I hadn’t seen before. Therefore, I decided to try and make a list of all the Coca-Cola flavors that are available or that have been available in the past.

Coca-Cola (a.k.a. Coca-Cola Classic)

Caffeine-free Coca-Cola

Coke C2 (a.k.a Coca-Cola C2)

Diet Coke (a.k.a. Coca-Cola light)

Coca-Cola with Lime

Coca-Cola Citra

Coca-Cola Zero

Cherry Coke

Cherry Coke Zero

Coca-Cola with Raspberry

Vanilla Coke

Coca-Cola Black Cherry Vanilla

Coca-Cola Blak

Coke II (a.k.a "New Coke")

Caffeine-Free Diet Coke

Diet Coke Plus

Diet Coke with Lime

Diet Cherry Coke

Diet Coke Sweetened with Splenda

Diet Coke Black Cherry Vanilla 

Diet Coke Citra (a.k.a. Coca-Cola light Citra)

Diet Vanilla Coke

Vanilla Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Plus – Green Tea Flavor

Coca-Cola Plus Fiber

Coca-Cola Light Sango

Coca-Cola wtih Orange

Well, there it is. Any suggestion and/or comment in order to make this list more complete would be highly appreciated.



  1. The diet version of the Caffeine Free Cola is missing

    Greetings Volker

  2. It's there already! Right below Coke II. Thanks for passing by ;)

  3. not many people ever remember some flavours done in about 1990 or before that. and these were the best. at the time there were 5 or so.
    i remember blueberry, strawberry, orange and there were a few others. the cans looked the same except they had a circle under the loop of the first C with which flavour it was written in there.
    havent been able to find more info until this day. but a heap of us from school remember buying them.

  4. Whoever adds the pictures onto this page, can you please add to this collection Ginger Pepsi?

    Or is Pepsi not apart of the Coca Cola family although it is much sweeter than Coke itself?